I have said many times before in passed lectures and workshops that one key to a successful image is to create a 3rd dimension that there viewer feels they can walk into and be a part os the image. A challenge for a 2 dimensional art form to say the least. You can get close to achieving this be creating a “push-pull” effect in the image. Working things like warmth vs cool, saturation vs de-saturation, light vs dark, focus vs blur. You can easily see that moving the to BW palette removes the ability to modify half of these parameters. Thus we have a challenge – but the result can be so overwhelmingly compelling that we pursue them at all risk. Inform yourself with the many techniques the fine photographers have to offer, then create, practice and create more. For me the question lies in whether we are attempting to make the image “in camera” or capture all the information we can “in camera” and create the image with these ingredients. I am sure some will agree and many will not, my quest is not to definitively make a statement of what I feel the right or wrong way is but more get you to ask the question. Good shooting…

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