Where are you going? Ask yourself if we obey speed limits, school zones and crosswalks because we do not want the ticket or public safety?
After all, hitting a child, chasing after a ball in a school zone is not the real issue here, it is getting a ticket for it – right?
I have lived in Florida for a little more than one month and will tell you that EVERY time I get into the car and drive, I am in fear for my life and anyone driving with me.
I am not the best driver, but this is not what brings on this fear. It is the car behind me, traveling so close to me that I cannot see their headlights.
And why is it when I slow and stop at a light that is yellow then red, the person behind raises their hands and slams them back on his steering wheel in disgust, as if to say – “idiot”
Where are people headed that they are in such a rush? I want to go there, but maybe I am driving too slow.

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