In a world filled with the notion of compromising , how do we understand “value”. All most seem to care about is making or saving money. We compromise value and better stuff for the cheaper crappier stuff.
When do we cross the line and understand that value is not only monetary. It certainly has some connection but not all. Maybe when we start driving a lexus instead of a kia or wearing a better t-shirt than the ones on the sale rack at your local Walmart for 3 for $10.00.
As Dennis Miller once said “two of shit is still shit and if they really wanted to screw you they would give you three” – well said. Some are forced into this box of compromising value out of necessity but others maybe out of greed.
Life is short and we need to be able to recognize or at least be willing to try and recognize value. There are some that are swindlers and trying to fool us into thinking there is a “value” to what they may be selling, either financial or otherwise.
This is unfortunate because it leaves us back in our shell afraid to come out in fear we may be ripped off. Stand tall and call these rip offs out for what they are and at least look at the value of what we decide on to live poor short lives by.
I am not suggesting that everyone go out and buy an expensive sport car just because, but simply to take a moment and weigh out the value of the options before forging ahead into what would be perceived as
being a great deals on a shirt that never fit after one wash or items that break after one use in order to save a buck, ask yourself – what did you save?

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