I was thinking about how to become more visible in an environment overloaded with STUFF. I thought of an issue I had a few years ago. It went like this.
Three parts of a triangle – there is me (pro), the amateur photographer (guy or gal), and a polo player (client). In this example, I represent the pro trying to make a living with my craft, the amateur represents a casual photo maker that has no financial need just likes taking photos and therefore gives the polo player his images for nothing. The last part of this triangle is the polo player that represents the client. I realized when I took a hard look at each of the positions that the guy or gal giving the images away was not the real problem. Here is why: Myself (as the pro) am required to have perfected my craft to a point that there is a noticeable difference when compared to the amateurs. The guy or gal (amateur) is just doing it for fun and enjoyment and who am I to deprive he or she of that. The last post here is the polo player (client). The only thing important to most is cost, and there seems to be a growing depletion in the need for quality or insight. Here lies the bigger part of the problem, there are of course exceptions to all of this but in general I think it holds up. The rewards given to the folks making these (once artistic) decisions are based entirely on saving money. Not that this is not important, it is, but what about doing quality work with the people that have dedicated a lifetime in getting great results. There are still folks out there that value the content in which a “pro” can provide and are willing to build that into the cost of doing business, but there are fewer and fewer. Have we, as costumers become “complacent” in the music we listen to the food we eat and the books we read? It is troubling that we are treated like and respond like the mouse in the maze. It is for most of us a “life long” commitment ‘ no matter what. For now, anyway…

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