Having to choose an assortment of photographs to put a body of related work can be difficult. If it is for you then perhaps it is because you have so much good work that you cannot choose or more likely – you are too close to the work to make this difficult decision. It is for this reason it is a good idea to get outside critiques of your work to assist you in making these selections. A critique should be beneficial in that it provides valuable feedback to the artist as to what may be working or not with a particular image. So do this. reach out to image makers and other artist that you respect and ask for a critique – you will be surprised at the amount of artist willing to give you a bit of time . In the meantime you should look at your content with a very strict eye and be able to defend it on a universal platform. In other words if you ask yourself why an image works or not and your answer is “it just does” or “it just does not” – then you are not looking close enough and asking yourself the right questions. Even if you need to pay for a high level critique it may very well be worth it and will teach you lessons that you will benefit from in the future.

The key here is variety, do not solicit just photographers – look at musicians, poets and painters to name a few. Your art will grow!

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