Let me first say that I am an advocate for making the art world more approachable , especially for folks financially challenged. Like me. It seems as though we are getting further away from what turned me to the world of mobile image making. I am artistically moved to a world were the moment and how it was composed were more important than the fancy lens or camera you shot it with. Putting creativity ahead of the “gear”. It has been said that “the best camera you have, is the one with you” in fact this is a phrase over stated and over used. If you have any camera with you I will bet you cam rattle off a dozen frames with your DSLR before you get one from your camera phone. Anticipation is the name of the game. The ability to anticipate a moment as it un-folds and be ready to capture it or anticipating the light as it ducks behind cloud cover leaking its rays through.

What I set out to do in this rant was to ask, what ever happened to the simplicity I feel in love with in my camera-phone? Now most camera apps have far too man controls and options to make it even remotely possible to capture a moment. Oh I miss the simplicity of it all, which is why I use mostly the “on board” camera now on my iPhone. No frills just focus/exposure and compose. That’s it – simple enough that I can be creative minded and not so gear or app minded that it inhibits this important element. I close by leaving you with an image I took a while ago as I noticed a moment that was happening in front of me, focus/expose/compose – snap! Simple enough – right?. Let’s challenge ourselves creatively and not with our list of gadgets in our bag. Don’t get me wrong I love gadgets and gear, but it should never be the precursor to creativity.
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