I rarely use this blog as a soap box for my opinions, rather a filter of sorts of industry “stuff” hopefully weeding out the “not so” interesting things. Hopefully I have been somewhat successful. Something has been bothering me now for the passed number of months that I need to express. As you may or may not know, I do enjoy technology and feel that the creatives of the world need to adapt to the changing environment and stay current while maintaining creativity and possession of the intellectual content. Unfortunately it seems as though society pushed pass the boundaries and went numb on us. There is a growing feeling that there is a lack of appreciation of being a creative or an artist. It is easy to blame corporations for this as they downsize and put less and less emphasis on creative content. But in the long run corporations want to make money and if can cost them less and therefore make them more money then so be it.

The consumer however sets the bar, that is they have some control over what corporation or companies use and put the value on the artistic vision that creatives hope has a value. If the consumer demanded more it is hard to imagine the corporations not complying. I guess my message is that for all of us out there absorbing creative content, whether it is an image, music or literature, maybe just maybe we all should not be so complacent about demanding more. More that comes from the creative or artistic mind not as a result of fancy gear but the more expression from the mind – through the gear – absorbed by the consumer. I for one think it is high time for everyone to demand this content and put the creative back where they belong – creating content that moves you. This is something buying fancy gear will not substitute because of where it comes from. I really think we will all benefit when we slow down a bit and appreciate the hard work and devotion our artist put into their craft.

We will flourish as consumers and the artist will get what they deserve for what they provide. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game – I say – It is how the player plays, that define the game”
Thanks for listening.

Here is a shameless plug of one of my images..

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