The collaborative environment that is film making lends itself to more of a “jazz” approach rather then “classical”. What I am getting it at is come work with the form and foundation of what you, as the director, are looking for but let all of the details and nuances come from yuor cast and crew, they too are creatives and hearing and seeing how the interpret something is why we call ourselves creatives. Like taking a solo in a jazz tune rather than strictly playing to the sheet music on a classical piece. Not to say one is “wrong”, I just do not find the “classical” approach as exciting as the “jazz” approach. It is not often that I get on a soap box about a topic, but collaboration is something I deeply feel, if you are a creative in any line of work, allow collaboration. If the right people are involved then you almost always be pleasantly surprised…don’t be afraid to make mistakes, sometimes that is the best work you will ever do.

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