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Nikon’s D800.. Kicks Ass

Here are a few of the selected edits from a recent shoot I did with my new D800. The only 2 issues I had with the camera during the shoot was not being able to tether to Lightroom (adobe issue) and having too much light to shoot at f.2 and therefore needing ND to get there. (not really the cameras fault here either) So I guess there were no issues with the camera at all as I shot at f.5 (thankfully) and shot to CF cards not to the computer. Here are the images…they have been retouched but trust me when I say the majority of the work was done before hand.

Image stats:
File size:200MB at 16bit as a background layer in PS
Stage 1 (skin only): Over 1 GB in size (needed to flatten and start with stage 2
Stage 2 (eyes, hair, reshaping): Nearly 1 GB
Total Image would have been nearly 2 GB
Shot at 14bit

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What you seeing is the three step process of retouching starting with the RAW file, then just skin and finally everything else. Note a huge difference. These files are large and require a computer with some horsepower to retouch and reveal the little mistakes in detail so proceed with caution. That said, the file has so much dynamic range it can also be very forgiving in the way of exposure in RAW.

I wanted to thank all involved:
Make Up: Gina Robinson
Hair: Rufus Matthews
Lighting: Mark Vohwinkel and Jonathan Ellis
Assistance: Marvel Gay
Behind the Scenes Video (coming soon): Travis Vaughn
Model: Dina
Inspired by: Audrey Hepburn

Goes to show you that proper planning propping and needed assistants all combined to yield great photos. The shoot was only about 400 images big (not so big) but edited down to these final 3. Thanks to all, especially the classy Miss Hepburn for the inspiration.

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