Sony XQD

Sony XQD Memory Card:
Unlike the SDHC, SDXC, and UHS-1 classifications for SD cards, the XQD builds on no standard before it — it’s a completely new standard in tech and in its physical format. Eventually, products formerly using the popular compact flash format will likely update product lines with XQD compatibility as models become updated, but for now, those getting the Nikon D4 (the only camera currently announced to accept the new format) will have to invest in a new kind of card (though they can use their usual CF cards in a second slot). In the long run, I could see the XQD phasing out the CF card, but both will likely live in tandem for quite some time. Thankfully, I’ve read that one advantage of the XQD format is lower manufacturing cost. Hopefully this will be passed onto the consumer in the end (at least to some extent, it seems as though it is, according to prices announced in the press release). Still, the CF card feels substantial your hand. It’s there. Even if SD cards were as unbreakable, I doubt many pros would prefer a card much smaller simply because it’s important to feel the confidence that a CF card gives. The XQD card isn’t too different, based on photos, but it’s a change. I hope it doesn’t change too much — CF cards are already easy enough to lose track of.
In the end, I fear this may be the future:

Pricing info: 16GB XQD for $129.99, 32GB XQD for $229.99, both available at the end of January.

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