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Kristina Sherk on Underwater Hasselblad Shoot

Kristina Sherk is a Washington DC-based image retoucher, photographer, photo assistant, production manager. She is an amazingly talented retoucher (just look at the before/after images on her image retouching website.)

She is also a model and a certified scuba diver – two things which came in handy recently when she found herself posing in a mermaid outfit for underwater photographer Chris Crumley. The images from that shoot, shot with the 60 megapixel Hasselblad H4D-60 camera, now appear on the Hasselblad USA website.

Not only did Kristina serve as the model, but she was also the retoucher assigned to make sure the images were absolutely perfect for their use in an international advertising campaign for the new camera.

I met up with her recently in DC, and I selfishly asked her to give me a few of her secrets. Using Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom application, she gave me 5 rather simple things I could do to improve the look of my images on the web.

(You can watch the full 13-minute interview below.)

Thanks Kristi!

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